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Improperly Loaded Trailers and Commercial Truck Accidents

Large commercial trucks pose an inherent safety risk to everyone else on the road. The National Safety Council (NSC) reports that large trucks are involved in nearly ten percent of fatal motor vehicle collisions in the United States. Truck accidents can happen for a wide variety of different reasons, including… Continue reading Improperly Loaded Trailers and Commercial Truck Accidents


GeoCode Tips

Search phrase:  Keyword geocode:LATITUDE,LONGITUDE,##km Examples: wreck geocode:33.412788,-84.734553,15km flood OR surge geocode:40.714353,-74.00597299999998,20km gun OR dangerous geocode:33.747471,-84.329324,5km Basic guide to geocode searching here. Twitter location search resources: How to find a latitude/longitude Use Hootsuite to search Twitter by location Use Tweetdeck to search Twitter by location Advanced topics to search by location… Continue reading GeoCode Tips


Georgia Business Court Law

Georgia Business Court Lawyers Georgia recently passed a Constitutional Amendment that created a business court in Georgia.  As the law is very new, there have been many questions about its effects and what kinds of cases are included.  If you need contingency fee lawyers who are familiar with business litigation,… Continue reading Georgia Business Court Law