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Black Oxygen Class Action Preliminary Claim Form | Wetherington Law Firm

Black Oxygen Class Action - Preliminary Claims Form

On October 17, 2022, a federal judge in the Northern District of Georgia certified a nationwide class action against BlackOxygen Organics and Marc Saint-Onge. BlackOxygen and Marc Saint-Onge have admitted – by default – that their products were adulterated with heavy metals, were unlawfully sold, and are worthless as a matter of federal law.

The class includes all residents of the United States with a confirmed purchase of BlackOxygen Tablets and/or BlackOxygen Powders from November 19, 2019, through November 19, 2021.

The court has authorized the Wetherington Law Firm to directly contact potential class members to determine the total amount of financial losses incurred by each class member. Recovery in this action is limited to reimbursment for the purchase price of the products and does not include claims for personal injury or other financial losses, such as unpaid commissions.

If you would like to assert a claim for reimbursement, please complete the following form prior to May 1 2023. You are not required to provide receipts, but doing so will be helpful to a favorable resolution for your claim.

If you do now know an exact amount, a good faith estimate is acceptable.

Completing this form is only one step in a long process. We cannot guarantee that you will receive any money or that the Court will accept your claim as valid. At this stage in the process, we are solely collecting additional information to submit to the Court regarding the extent of financial damages that you have incurred.

A good faith estimate is acceptable for this form. You may be required to provide proof of your claim at a later date.
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