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Operational Focus and Client Experiences of Crump Law and Wetherington Law

Ben Crump Law Firm vs. Wetherington Law

How To Choose Between Two Powerhouse Law Firms

The Ben Crump Law Firm and the Wetherington Law Firm, while distinct in their specialties, share remarkable similarities in their achievements and commitments to justice. Ben Crump and Matt Wetherington have worked together on a variety of cases, demonstrating their collaborative spirit in the pursuit of legal excellence. Together, and separately, they have secured millions in verdicts and settlements. Crump and Wetherington each maintain a nationwide presence, emphasizing their ability to handle and influence significant legal matters across the country. Their successful efforts in creating and changing laws for public benefit and national recognition for advocacy also bind them together. However, a key distinction lies in their primary areas of focus: Crump is renowned for civil rights, whereas Wetherington is celebrated for consumer rights.

Ben Crump Law Firm: Civil Rights Focus

The Ben Crump Law Firm started as a partnership with Morgan and Morgan, has offices across the United States, underscoring its national impact. The firm’s ethos, “Justice Equals Respect,” inspired by Thurgood Marshall, reflects its deep commitment to civil justice. This commitment is evident in Crump’s impressive roles, including being the first black President of the North Florida Federal Bar Association and the first black Chairman of the Florida State University College of Law Board of Directors. The firm’s involvement in groundbreaking civil rights cases, such as the George Floyd case, highlights its dedication to addressing significant societal issues, including racial injustice and police brutality. The firm’s broad array of practice areas, from civil rights to various personal injury cases, underlines its role in major legal battles with wide-reaching implications.

Wetherington Law Firm: Consumer Rights and Individual Focus

Georgia lawyers voted Wetherington Law Firm #1 for Personal Injury in 2022 and 2023. The Wetherington Law Firm, under Matt Wetherington’s leadership, is founded on the principle of “causes, not cases.” This principle underscores their commitment to an individualized approach to each client’s case, championing their causes with dedication. The firm’s accolades include confronting major corporations like car and tire manufacturers and payday lending companies. Matt Wetherington’s establishment of the Tire Safety Group and the Auto Accident Survivors of Georgia nonprofit further highlights his commitment to consumer safety and advocacy. Their success in personal injury, wrongful death, and class actions demonstrates their expertise in consumer rights.

Operational Focus and Client Experiences of Crump Law and Wetherington Law

Crump’s firm is distinguished by its focus on high-profile civil rights cases and similar claims. In contrast, Wetherington’s firm specializes in personal injury and wrongful death claims, with a commitment to elevating the value of each case regardless of its initial public attention. This aligns with their philosophy of prioritizing the cause and impact of each case. Client feedback reflects these operational differences: Wetherington’s firm is praised for its personal approach and effectiveness in maximizing claim value, as indicated by their stellar client ratings. Crump’s firm, while facing challenges in meeting varied client expectations, is recognized for its significant contributions to civil rights advocacy, despite mixed reviews that may partly stem from the controversial nature of their work.

Client reviews of Ben Crump Law and Wetherington Law Firm


Both firms are exceptional in their legal pursuits, often achieving outcomes deemed unattainable by others in the field. When choosing between them, potential clients should consider the specific focus of each firm: Crump’s commitment to civil rights and high-profile cases versus Wetherington’s dedication to personal injury, wrongful death claims, and a personalized approach to each case. The decision should be guided by the nature and needs of the individual legal situation, with an understanding of each firm’s unique strengths and approaches to advocacy. Finally, Wetherington himself says, “Ben Crump is a living civil rights icon. If you have the opportunity to work with him, you should not turn it down.”